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The Establishment Tee

The Establishment Tee

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The Establishment Tee celebrates our roots and comes with a call to action to share your own.

The We Went Fast story began in the backyard in July 1983. I had a green t-shirt, a pair of knock-off Chucks and a PW50. Forty years later, I’m still writing and adding to the story.

Now tell me yours. Everyone who purchases The Establishment Tee can be featured on the We Went Fast social channels. Send a picture of you in your shirt and a photo from when you started riding.

Brian is 6-ft. 2-in., 180-lbs. and wearing an already-washed size large. When Brian isn’t wearing We Went Fast tees, find him in the Warriors class in the Iowa Moto Series. Newman served in the USAF from 1994-2000.

Color: Army

Material: 100% cotton

Tag-less: We Went Fast | Size is printed inside the neck

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