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Motocross: The Golden Era. A Book for Serious Collectors

Motocross: The Golden Era. A Book for Serious Collectors

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It’s the biggest book ever written about motocross and it’s now available through We Went Fast.

David Dewhurst’s “Motocross: The Golden Era” is 480 pages and filled with 600 gorgeous images he captured as a photojournalist during a pivotal era of the sport: 1972-1985. It’s a monumental achievement and includes so much more than photographs. The 28 chapters include a deep dive history lesson into the origins of motocross, the birth of supercross and the stories and anecdotes of the men and machines that make this sport so great.

I get it, $150 is a lot to spend on a book about dirt bikes. I can’t stress enough how impressive and high quality this piece of work is. Order one as a gift for someone who loves motocross history. But fair warning: when you see this, you’ll want one for yourself, too.

The photos in the gallery here are of my personal copy, taken by me on my workbench. I wanted you to see how rich and detailed the imagery is.

I feel a connection to this project because I had the pleasure of conversing with Dewhurst during the writing, curation and creation of this book. We Went Fast’s only contribution was lending an ear during the months and years Dewhurst spent working his way through the interviews, the writing and choosing printers and publishers.

When the book became available, I was one of the first to buy a copy. Knowing David, I expected to be impressed. Instead, I was blown away. The weight of the book alone made my eyebrows rise. The photos and stories made the hair on my arms stand up.


  • Introduction
  • Foreword: Brad Lackey
  • Chapter 1: How it all began (history of motocross)
  • Chapter 2: Roger De Coster
  • Chapter 3: The Machine (De Coster's 1976 Suzuki RN500
  • Chapter 4: Gary Jones
  • Chapter 5: Lucien Tilkens (inventor of the monoshock)
  • Chapter 6: Stu Peters
  • Chapter 7: Brad Lackey
  • Chapter 8: DG Performance
  • Chapter 9: Marty Smith
  • Chapter 10: Memories (Dewhurst's Moto Experiences)
  • Chapter 11: Mike Goodwin
  • Chapter 12: Geoff Fox
  • Chapter 13: Velntino Ribi
  • Chapter 14: Bob Hannah
  • Chapter 15: Ultimate Weapon (1985 Honda RC250)
  • Chapter 16: Jeff Ward
  • Chapter 17: Racing in Europe
  • Chapter 18: Broc Glover
  • Chapter 19: Yamaha OW68-B
  • Chapter 20: Supercross isn't Motocross
  • Chapter 21: Mark Barnett
  • Chapter 22: David Bailey
  • Chapter 23: Jobe Kawasaki
  • Chapter 24: Steve Simons
  • Chapter 25: Rick Johnson
  • Chapter 26: Full Floater
  • Chapter 27: David Thorpe
  • Chapter 28: Magic Moments

Product Details

Pages: 480

Photographs: 600

Width: 13-inches

Height: 10-inches

Thickness: 1.5-inches

Weight: 5-pounds, 12-ounces

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